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City Fresh Market

  • Burek

    Street food of the Balkans. A savory baked pastry
    of phyllo dough filled with cheese, meat
    or vegetables. We make our own.

  • House-Made Yogurt

    In the dairy, our team whips up bottles of
    healthy, drinkable house-made yogurt.

  • European Pastries

    Every morning in the store, you’ll find our expert
    bakers making traditional European pastries,
    cakes and cookies.

  • Fresh Vegetables

    You’ll find everything from gypsy peppers perfect
    for stuffing…to black radishes…fresh horseradish…
    greens…chayote…even pickled cabbage that
    we make in-house.

  • Fresh Fruit

    Discover a beautiful rainbow of fresh and seasonal
    fruit from Italian prune plums…champagne mangos…
    plantains…citrus…and more everyday.

  • Imported Wine & Spirits

    Enjoy imported wines and spirits from all over
    Eastern and Central Europe and beyond.

  • Specialty and Roasted Meats

    We make meat specialties in-house, and we grill
    while you wait. Cevapi, Pljeskavica, Sudjuk, and more,
    plus roasted meats for special order.

  • Everyday Groceries

    Find the daily items that you need, with both
    conventional and certified organic selections.

  • Kosher Food & Drink

    Discover an enticing assortment of Kosher culinary delights.

  • Special Orders & Holiday

    Want something made-for-you? We’ll make it or
    find it for you, all at a great value.

  • Fresh Fish

    Our Chicago French Market outpost offers a big
    selection of the best seafood in town.

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Our Story

Our Story

That’s what we wanted to offer customers when we built City Fresh Market from the ground up in 2004. We envisioned a place where our parents, who immigrated to Chicago from the former Yugoslavia, could find house-made Cevapi for dinner, Dobos Torta for dessert—and maybe some dried nettle root to prepare an old-world remedy.

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City Fresh Market is a neighborhood market and the place to go in Chicago for traditional, difficult-to-find foods from Central and Eastern Europe, the Mediterranean and beyond. Think more than 15,000 specialty food & drink products on the shelf—also including everyday groceries and many artisan-made specialties that we make in-house daily.

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Digital Coupon Program

Digital Coupon Program

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